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Evalon, LaClare Farms, WI, goat  4

Tomme, Traders Point Creamery, IN, cow  4

Woolly Rind, Green Dirt Farm, MO, sheep  4

EWE CALF to be KIDding Blue, Hooks Creamery, WI, sheep/cow/goat  4

Cheese Plate, all four cheese  13 



Barolo, Creminelli, UT, salami  2

Sopressata, Olympic Provisions, OR, salami  2

Coppa, Creminelli, UT, cured pork  3

Chicken Rillet, IL, house made  4

Charcuterie Plate, all four  9

Chef’s Choice Plate, two cheese and two meat  12 



Shaved Vegetable Salad, mixed greens, garlic croutons  6

Biscuit, butter and preserves  3

Home Fries, tomato aioli, parmesan, pickled pepper 6 Roasted Cauliflower, parsley aioli, parmesan crumble  6

Soup, changes daily  6

Harissa Mussels, garlic croutons, parsley  9/12

House Made Pasta, changes daily  16/24

Flat Bread, house smoked ham, ricotta, peas, mixed greens  10

Fried Chicken, mustard butter, smoked potato puree, biscuit, greens  14

Farro Fritters, lemon dill yogurt, kohlrabi, green beans, almonds  16

Confit Chicken Leg, wild rice pilaf, brussles sprouts, guanciale, black garlic  16

Arctic Char, butternut squash puree, lima beans, chorizo, swiss chard  22

Braised Pork Belly, cheese curd mash, baby greens, piperade, pepitas  22 



Almond Cream Tart, poached pear, cream cheese ice cream 8

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Crisp, milk snow 10


After Dinner

Rababaro Zucca Amaro, rhubarb botanical liqueur 5/8

Leopold Brothers Fernet, italian digestif, amaro 6/9

Coffee, regular/decaf 2.5

Tea, selection 2.5

Espresso, regular/decaf 2.5

Latte/Cappuccino 4 


Our Farms

We proudly source our product from local farms and creameries

Slagel Family Farms, IL

Hazard Free Farms, IL

Klug Farms, MI

Urban Till, IL

Green Acres, IN

LaClare Farms, WI

Kalona Dairy, IA

Traders Point Creamery, IN

Hooks Creamery, WI

Green Dirt Farm, MO 


the City of Chicago would like to inform you that consuming raw or under-cooked proteins may result in health risks



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